Guest Feature: Marathon Runner Nick Butter

We were delighted to welcome Nick Butter to Nisbet Plantation and Nevis. In 2018, he will begin his “Running the World 196 Expedition,” where he will run a marathon in all 196 countries around the world.

During his trip, he enjoyed leisurely cycling and running around the island. In addition, he participated in the annual Nevis Triathlon. While Nick primarily visited Nevis to run, he experienced much more.  Read More

Dive into Swimming with Olympians Keri-anne Payne and David Carry

Triscape Swimming Retreat

In March, Nisbet Plantation will host an exciting swimming retreat, led by Olympians Keri-anne Payne and David Carry.

Attendees will participate in yoga-inspired warm-ups, receive nutritional guidance, learn about performance planning and of course, improve their swimming skills! Pool work will focus on swimming techniques including breathing, body position and propulsion. Sessions in the sea will be aimed at improving open-water swimming skills with sighting, buoy turns and swimming in groups.  Read More