Back to School on Nevis

The beginning of fall indicates the start of a new school year, and many generous guests have ensured school children throughout Nevis are prepared for a successful season.

With our partnership through Pack for a Purpose, guests can purchase items from the school wish lists, pack them for their Nevis trip, and leave the donations at the resort. To everyone’s delight, we collected four boxes of school supplies and books throughout the summer.

Our General Manager Tim Thuell, his wife Tina, and Reservations Manager Leonora visited three nearby schools to deliver the donations. The pictures below perfectly capture the children’s warm spirits, gratitude and joy. 

Combemere Pre-School

Pack for a Purpose on Nevis


Pack for a Purpose on Nevis

St. James Primary School

Pack for a Purpose on Nevis


Pack for a Purpose on Nevis

Violet O Jeffers-Nicholls Primary School (VOJN)

Pack for a Purpose on Nevis


Pack for a Purpose on Nevis

Many of our resort staff’s children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren attend these local schools, so the gratitude and appreciation of guest donations extend far beyond the school. Thank you to our generous guests who helpe make a difference for the Nisbet family and community.

Photo Credit: Tina Thuell Photography 


2 thoughts to “Back to School on Nevis”

  1. My lovely wife Ruthann and I would like to participate in the “Pack for a Purpose Program”
    Might you be so kind to identify items most needed by the children?
    Thanking you in advance and good day

    1. Hi Ron, Thank you and Ruthann for your generosity! The following items have been requested from the school and will benefit the students and teachers: books (grades K – 6), flash cards, battery-operated wall clocks, double-sided and mounting tape, permanent markers, dry-erase markers, red pens and fun stickers and small reward items.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to email Leonora, who helps coordinate the partnership – her email is Thanks again for your support!

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