The History of CSR Rum

Ting & Sting at Nisbet Plantation

At Nisbet Plantation, we welcome guests with the refreshing combination of a Ting ‘n Sting. Ting is the fizzy grapefruit-flavored soft drink that is popular throughout the Caribbean, and the “Sting” is CSR – a popular Caribbean rum.

With its fascinating history, uncommon distillation process and unique taste, CSR is popular among Nisbet guests and Caribbean travelers.  Read More

Tina Thuell Photography Featured in Solo Exhibit at Bananas

Tina ThuellMeet Tina Thuell

Bermuda-Born Island Girl, Big Dreamer, Artist, Wife, Mother & Grandmother. Tina Thuell is many things to many people, and at Nisbet Plantation (and on the resort’s social media), Tina is commonly known for her stunning photography.

“I love to create images that reflect a sense of wonder, and this is what I strive to portray through my work.” – Tina Thuell 

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