Guests Help Nevis Students Thrive through Pack for a Purpose

In 1999, Nisbet Plantation “adopted” a local school, Violet O Jeffers-Nicholls Primary School (VOJN). Now, its students read two grade levels higher and Nevis maintains a 98% literacy rate. With school children ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade, VOJN does an impeccable job of upholding high standards for its 72 students. The school motto is “only the best is good enough,” and the dedicated kids and faculty fulfill this expectation.

Pack for a Purpose on Nisbet - Tina Thuell PhotographyPhoto: Tina Thuell Photography

Donated books and school supplies help facilitate day-to-day learning, and some of the items contribute to the school’s reward system. If a student is spotted doing exceptional work or modeling outstanding character traits, they can select a special item. Additionally, each student receives a reward on his or her birthday.

To participate in the Pack for a Purpose program, purchase items from the school wish list and pack them for your Nevis trip. Then, leave your donations at the resort, or opt to hand-deliver them to the nearby school where you’ll be greeted with welcoming songs, friendly faces and lots of hugs.

The gratitude and appreciation of guest donations extend far beyond the school. Many of our resort staff’s children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren attend VOJN. So, the impact of a donation is truly incredible for the Nisbet family and community.

In a country that thrives on tourism, we want to support the leaders of our island’s future and teach students about this industry. It’s a privilege when we are asked to participate in the school’s annual career day, and the staff are always eager to help showcase their own career paths and introduce students to the hospitality field.

Pack for a Purpose on Nisbet - Tina Thuell Photography Photo: Tina Thuell Photography

We are grateful for our partnership with Pack for a Purpose and our generous guests. Thank you for helping to make a difference on Nevis!

4 thoughts to “Guests Help Nevis Students Thrive through Pack for a Purpose”

    1. Hi Al,

      Wow, what a generous offer! Yes, you can write a check to donate to the school (or you can donate via credit card through the resort, but there is unfortunately a credit card fee.) Your support is touching and is appreciated by all. For more information, please contact Leonora at Thanks!

  1. The school wish list link doesn’t work. It takes you to the Nisbet regular website and doesn’t say way the school needs. I’m coming in a few days and can bring some items.

    1. Hi Julie, Thank you for your generosity – We appreciate you helping our community!

      The wish list is located on the “How You Can Help” section of the Nisbet Community Page (, and these are the top requested items:

      New or gently used books – story books, language/grammar and math (grades K – 6)
      Flash cards
      Battery-operated wall clocks (numbers or Roman numerals)
      Double-sided and mounting tape
      Permanent markers
      Dry-erase markers
      Red pens
      Fun stickers and small reward items

      Thank you again!

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