Tim Thuell Welcomed Home as General Manager

Tim Thuell, General Manager at Nisbet PlantationPlease join us in extending a warm welcome to Nisbet Plantation’s new General Manager, Tim Thuell.

A seasoned hospitality executive with more than 30 years of experience, Tim is no stranger to Nisbet Plantation. He previously served as general manager of our intimate hotel from 1990 to 1997. Tim will be joined by his wife Tina Thuell, who brings along her award-winning photography expertise and passion for capturing life’s special moments. We are excited to welcome Tim and Tina home!

Tim’s experience spans beyond our famed Avenue of the Palms to the beaches of Bermuda and beyond. Most recently, Tim served as Managing Director of Bermuda’s Coral Beach and Tennis Club. He brings back to Nevis a vast knowledge of the luxury travel sector and a proven track record of achieving exceptional results.

A Warm Welcome

Delivering personal attention is of utmost importance to Tim and a specialty synonymous with the ladies and gentlemen of Nisbet Plantation. Tim is delighted to rejoin many familiar faces and looks forward to welcoming both new and returning guests.

“Returning to Nisbet Plantation is like coming home,” says Tim. “I’m thrilled to be back and excited to help enhance this one-of-a-kind vacation experience where guests can truly live in the moment.”

Nisbet Plantation Owner, David Dodwell, is also pleased to once again be working with Tim saying, “As previous general manager, Tim successfully led Nisbet Plantation in providing its signature service experience still enjoyed today by its large following of loyal guests. It gives me great pleasure to welcome him back.”

Please also join us in wishing Tim’s predecessor, Alistair Forrest, all the best in his future endeavors. Thank you, Alistair for your service and dedication to Nisbet Plantation!

A warm welcome home to Nisbet Plantation

Well wishes are exchanged as previous General Manager Alistair Forrest hands the keys over to Tim Thuell



6 comments on “Tim Thuell Welcomed Home as General Manager”

  1. Well Hello Tim, we look forward to meeting you on our next visit.
    Sorry to see Alistair leaving so soon.

  2. Welcome home, Tim and Tina. We totally remember you both. We married at Nisbet in April 2000!
    Bill is 93 now and I’m 70 so traveling to Nevis is a bit of a trip (from Boston) for us but maybe we’ll give it a go before our wings are clipped. Again, welcome home! Our very best, Cindy & Bill Reagan.

  3. Welcome Back! I say that as we will be Welcoming ourselves back this year! After a 3 year gap we are coming back in December – so looking forward to catching up with everyone and enjoying beautiful Nesbit !

  4. Tim- It is great to see you back. You may remember us as we stayed at Nisbet from 1990-1995 while you were manager. We returned last year after a hiatus of 20 years and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces; even had our old room, Pembroke, which we have booked for this year arriving the 20th of June to celebrate our 34th anniversary. Look forward to see you again. Tony and Sandy

  5. Welcome back Tim !! We are looking forward to meeting you in November this year -can’t count how many times now! You will be our 4th Manager 🙂

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