30+ Years of Service at Nisbet

Many of you know that we take great pride in our 5-star staff and service at Nisbet Plantation. We truly believe it is the personalities of our intimate, Caribbean resort that make your vacation so memorable and so special.

As Nisbet Plantation celebrates 30 years with owner, David Dodwell Sr., we also celebrate our outstanding staff who have been with us for 30 years and more. Please join us in thanking our staff who have been with Nisbet Plantation for 30+ years, and don’t forget to say “hi” on your next visit!

Bar & Dining

Wilbirth “Dan” Perkins – 36 years

Joycelyn James – 35 years

Violet Gumbs – 33 years

Roslyn Jeffers – 30 years

Angella Maynard – 30 years


Catilda Charles – 35 years

Velma Jones – 35 years


Wayne “Chet” Perkins – 34 years


Leonora Didder – 31 years

Do you have any fond memories of these ladies and gentlemen? If so, share in a comment below!

Celebrating 30 Years at Nisbet Plantation

In 1988, Bermudian hotelier David Dodwell Sr. took an unplanned day trip from St. Kitts over to smaller, quieter sister island, Nevis. It was a trip that changed many people’s lives forever.

A hidden gem to dust off

Touring the island on his own, Mr. Dodwell made his way down a small road. Intrigued by an oceanfront inn for sale, he pulled in to have a look.

“When I first visited Nisbet Plantation, stepped around the corner of the Great House and saw the view down the avenue (now the Avenue of the Palms), it took my breath away,” says owner David Dodwell who also owns Nisbet Plantation’s sister property, The Reefs Resort & Club in Bermuda. “I had never seen anything like that and instantly fell in love with Nisbet.

In May 1989, Mr. Dodwell purchased what remains the Caribbean’s only historic plantation inn located on a beach. Having instantly grasped its storied past of more than 200 years, he began a meticulous restoration along with an expansion that stayed true to the property’s identity.

A new life

Mr. Dodwell’s steadfast commitment since taking ownership has resulted in a resort of international stature, lifelong staff, loyal guests and many a great story.

We’ve graced the pages of Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler, celebrated newlyweds, welcomed their children and grandchildren, and helped many guests from the world over come feel perfectly at ease. Our long-serving staff, affectionately the Ladies and Gentlemen of Nisbet, continue to be our heartbeat. We’ve watched staff so-deservedly be named among the best in the world. They’ve witnessed “I dos,” let guests join them at church, shared family traditions and created the truly treasured relationships of picking up where you left off.  

Please join us

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nisbet Plantation under Mr. Dodwell’s ownership. Everyone is invited to enter our staff-hosted, interactive 30th anniversary contest to show their Nisbet knowledge for a chance to win one of 12 six-day/five-night stays. We’ve already had our first set of winners visit and they even brought their friends!

Additionally, guests can stay this year on the 30th Anniversary Special. The same allure that drew Mr. Dodwell here remains at Nisbet Plantation and on our island home. Nevis is one of the few remaining uncommon, unhurried, uncrowded Caribbean islands. The island still has no traffic lights, no commercial chain restaurants, nor are buildings allowed to be any taller than a coconut palm.Thank you for continuing to be a part of Nisbet Plantation’s story. We look forward to writing this next chapter together.

Tiffany & Chad Make Permanent Their Love for Nisbet Plantation

In 2017, U.S.-based Tiffany and Chad of Virginia made the promise of a lifetime to one another along the Avenue of the Palms. As they approached their one-year anniversary this past November and with plans to return to the resort to celebrate, they took their love one step further. The happy couple chose to make their love for Nisbet Plantation permanent – with the resort’s longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates tattooed on their arms.

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Wait, where’s Nevis?

“Nevis? Hmm I have no idea where that is.”

While you may have heard of the Caribbean island of Nevis, like many, you might not know where it is. Here is some information about Nevis that might help you plan your next visit:

  • Nevis is part of the dual-island nation, St. Kitts and Nevis, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
  • St. Kitts (SKB) offers many flights from North America and the UK. Nevis is 2 miles southeast of St. Kitts and you will arrive by ferry or private boat from St. Kitts.
  • The two islands are separated by a shallow 2 mile channel called “The Narrows”.
  • We are the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere, in both area and population.
  • The British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are to the northwest; Montserrat is to the south.
  • English is the predominant language and we are willing to help you make any arrangements for your visit.
  • We are a cone shaped island with the volcano, Nevis Peak, at the center.
  • Our unspoiled island is 36 square miles with no buildings higher than two stories.

Can you find us?

To learn more information about Nevis, visit our website here.