Nevis Mango and Food Festival 2018The 2018 Nevis Mango and Food Festival will be held July 5-8, and it may be the “sweetest” one yet!

Nevis grows more than 40 mango varieties, and this island specialty will be celebrated throughout the annual event.

From mango pancakes at breakfast, a mango colada on the beach or mango tart for dessert, there are many ways to enjoy this exotic fruit.

How many ways can you enjoy a mango?

On Friday, July 6, Nisbet will host a West Indian Beach BBQ. Then, on Saturday, July 7, we will welcome a celebrity chef to showcase the fruit’s versatility at the Great House. In this mango-themed meal, every starter, entree and dessert will exemplify sweet mango flavors.

We look forward to celebrating Nevis’ culinary scene this July!