“Fabulous!” “Inspiring!” “Incredible!” Last evening, guests gathered around the Great House living room and soaked in the sentiments of Caribbean poet Camryn Bruno.

Hailing from Tobago, Camryn is currently in Nevis participating in the island’s annual Culturama Festival 44 at Poetry on the Square. At just 19 years old with a wisdom well beyond her years, this award-winning poised poet enraptured her audience.

With her soft Caribbean lilt, Camryn’s spoken word poetry reflects social consciousness. She weaves dynamic, current real-life issues into her stanzas.

Animated and elegant, she recited her thought-provoking poems. Bringing her audience on a journey of pain, questions, misunderstandings, hope and finally to blissful beauty, emotions spanned teary eyes and laughter. While Nisbet guests hailed from throughout the world, Camryn’s art connected us all.

Follow Camryn here:

Instagram: @queen_cammy3

Facebook: Camryn Bruno

Email: camrynbrunobooking@gmail.com

YouTube: Camryn Bruno


Photo courtesy of Tina Thuell Photography