Environmentally conscious Nisbet Plantation earned its Green Globe Benchmarked Certificate last year. Not surprisingly then this intimate Caribbean hotel is now partnering with Mother Nature in a major conservation effort to reduce beach erosion and create a healthier marine environment.

In the 1700’s, long before air conditioning, all the Caribbean’s sugar plantation Great Houses were built high in the mountains where cooler air came naturally. The lone exception is Nisbet Plantation which today has become famous for being the only deluxe plantation inn located directly on its own private beach. Preserving the beach therefore is a priority for Nisbet.

Over the decades wave erosion has caused the loss of several palm trees close to the sea. To reserve all its trees and provide a better swimming environment, this small Caribbean hotel is undertaking a major conservation effort. It’s constructing an artificial reef, which, when completed will exceed 105 yards in length.

In addition to creating a calmer swimming and snorkeling area for the hotel’s guests, the reef will also provide an improved marine habitat attracting more fish and, eventually, providing the perfect growing environment for soft and hard corals. Mother Nature would be proud.

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