Begin your day with the “Breakfast Ladies”

When you enjoy breakfast at Coconuts, it’s easy to remember the most important meal of the day! From the first-class service, fresh cuisine to peaceful ambiance, your morning meal at Nisbet’s poolside restaurant is an experience in itself. Below are some highlights of our unique and memorable breakfast offerings.

The “Breakfast Ladies”

The ladies and gentlemen of Nisbet Plantation are renowned for delivering attentive service, and the “breakfast ladies” help distinguish Nisbet with their warm personalities and charm. Ask for their advice on things to do – the “breakfast ladies” will enjoy sharing their favorite activities and learning about your experiences the next day. Breakfast is always served with a smile!

the breakfast ladies at Nisbet Plantation

Full Breakfast Menu

A full breakfast is included in our daily room rates. Enjoy porridge, French toast, pancakes, eggs benedict, an omelet or one of our daily specials!

Our heart-shaped pancakes are a guest favorite, and this specialty is available in five varieties: plain, banana, pumpkin, coconut or mango.

Heart-Shaped Pancakes at Coconuts

Fresh Fruit

Along with your freshly brewed coffee, opt for the”juice of the day.” Then, head to the buffet for a selection of fresh fruit, ranging from mangoes, pineapple, watermelon or bananas.

Fruit Buffet - Tina Thuell Photography

Daily Newspaper

Nevis is known as the “island time forgot.” To enhance the peaceful ambiance, we refrained from putting TVs or radios in the rooms. Fortunately, you can stay up-to-date with worldwide news and happenings, as we provide a daily news recap with your breakfast! (Both United States and United Kingdom versions are available.)

Breakfast at Coconuts

On behalf of the “breakfast ladies,” we look forward to welcoming you soon for a delicious and enjoyable breakfast experience!

2 thoughts to “Begin your day with the “Breakfast Ladies””

  1. Violet Gumbs, Queen of the Breakfast Ladies! We think of you and your family often and will never forget your greeting each morning. Bill just turned 95 so travel is difficult these days! Our loving thoughts always to you and the other “breakfast ladies”.

  2. Hello – yes we came in a group of 6 in November 2016 with friends who had previously stayed with you. The whole week was a delight but the breakfasts were legendary especially your daily ‘special’. The Breakfast ladies are indeed fab .. they start your day so well ☕️???

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