Personal attention. A historic and romantic setting. Commemorative palm planting. These are just some of the details of what make a Caribbean wedding at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club so special.

Mr. and Mrs. Barrow at Nisbet Plantation

The fond memories of this big day last a lifetime. And we love welcoming back couples for anniversary celebrations, and watching their families and their palm trees grow.

Darcy Alkus Barrow who married her husband Christopher at Nisbet Plantation on May 25, 2010, recently emailed us to say hello. She also shared with us an article about their wedding, which was featured in their local lifestyle magazine.

Darcy told Marin County magazine that the trip was “totally worth it” to get the “barefoot-in-the-sand” wedding of her dreams. The couple and their guests also helped the Nevis community.

Read what makes weddings at Nisbet Plantation so special, and Darcy, Christopher and their guests efforts to help the local school children in “Wedding with a Purpose.”