The Ultimate Engineer

If you know Chet, then you know “he is your man!”

Wayne Perkins, better known by his nickname, Chet, is one of the longest standing members of Nisbet’s staff along with his brother, Dan. Chet has been working for the resort for 34 years! A member of the engineering team, he has seen all changes at Nisbet over the years, and knows every pipe and wire on the property.

Chet’s expertise, memory, and dependability are unmatched. There’s no such thing as a typical day for Chet because he can and will do absolutely anything, including pumping water out of a cottage in the middle of a hurricane. When he’s not working at Nisbet and has spare time, Chet owns and drives a bus for service around the island which he has done for 25 years.

Unlike most of the ladies and gentlemen of Nisbet, Chet’s position on the engineering team keeps him working diligently behind the scenes. However, Chet has a personality that is anything but behind the scenes, making his spirited presence contagious to be around. Not to mention he has a sense of humor that is through the roof! Given the opportunity, he loves to interact with guests whenever he can.

His big heart, unparalleled knowledge of the resort, and strong work ethic, make Chet an excellent member of the Nisbet family, and he was recognized as the Employee of the Year for 2017.

Beyond the Avenue

Chet is a family man who loves spending time with his seven children. Given the chance, he loves to visit his daughter living in the UK, especially since it’s one of his favorite destinations! Chet also has a passion for fishing, specifically the daring sport of spearfishing.

In addition, he’s also the greatest of friends to have. On Fridays, Chet will open his bar, suitably named “Little Bit is Much”, located beneath his house. There he invites friends and family to enjoy drinks, hot food, and great laughs alongside him.

Chet’s loyalty runs deep for Nisbet, as he’s been such a significant part of the resort’s family and history; he truly belongs here. Congratulations, Chet, on 34 years at Nisbet and Employee of the Year for 2017!