This island tradition is fun for the whole family and also offers a unique opportunity to help the Nevis community. Regardless of the race results, everyone is a winner as all proceeds are donated to a local school. The ladies and gentlemen of Nisbet Plantation enjoy filling their library shelves with books, contributing school supplies and interacting with the students.

Ready, Set, Race!

The night prior to the race, our team collects crabs on our beach and secures them in safety until it is time for the competition. Recently, some of our guests even joined as we dug holes and hunted for lively crustacean.

Hunting for crabs

To help differentiate the crabs on race day, numbers are painted on their backs in red nail polish or magic marker.

Crabs are identified with numbers

Place a bet on your favorite sea creature or just watch the fun. After a dramatic countdown, we’ll release the competing crabs onto the sand, and our spectators cheer as they head for the finish line!

Don’t worry – no crabs were harmed during this race! Our crabs are well cared for, and at the end of the competition, they are released back into their natural habit.

Crabs released back to natural habitat

If you’re interested in participating in crab races during your stay, simply express interest at the front desk.

Thank you Kathy Cieslak for sharing your photos!