Soul-stirring music, energizing dancing, colorful masquerades, and culturally-rich folklore. Join us July 23 through August 4, 2015 as Nevis celebrates 41 years of Culturama.

Culture, Fete and Fun

Each year, since 1974, this annual extravaganza brings people together to celebrate the Nevisian heritage. Known as the Caribbean’s Greatest Lime, and number 58 on our list of 101 Things to Do on St. Kitts and Nevis, Culturama offers exciting activities for locals and guests alike including poetry, sporting events, pageants, music, dancing and more.


Culturama Calypso Contest

Will he reclaim his throne?  We are excited to cheer on our very own Grounds Supervisor Andrew “Hollywood” Nisbett, crowned King in a previous Culturama Calypso Contest, as he competes for the title again this year.


For the full schedule of events, click here. We hope you are able to join us!