Dining at Nisbet Plantation is an experience to savor. Our talented Executive Chef Antonio “Tony” Piani II, joined the Nisbet family in 2002, and he has been preparing exceptional cuisine at our resort for more than 15 years!

Nisbet Plantation's Head Chef Antonio Piani

photo: Tina Thuell Photography

Unexpected Beginnings

Unaware that he would begin a career in the culinary industry, Chef Tony attended school to study electrical engineering. In his fourth year of college, he began a part-time job as a porter at a nearby restaurant. What began as an opportunity to earn extra money transformed into his lifelong passion and the start of his career.

He loved every day in the kitchen and wanted to become more involved. As he quickly took on more responsibilities, he quit school to pursue a full-time career in the culinary field.

Culinary Career

Without formal training, Tony seized the opportunity to learn from those around him. From the Philippines, Bermuda, Anguilla or Nevis, Tony has worked in a variety of settings with a diverse group of people. He eagerly shares that he’s worked with almost every nationality including Arab, Egyptian, French, Italian, English, Lebanese, Jordanian and Indian – just to name a few!

As he continued to gain more on-the-job training and experience, his skills, roles and titles quickly progressed.

Chef Tony with Wahoo

photo: Tina Thuell Photography

Working at Nisbet Plantation

In 2002, Chef Tony began his role as head chef at our resort. He fell in love with Nisbet Plantation the moment he laid eyes on the lush property.

Chef Tony was especially intrigued by the Great House experience and its challenge of menus that change nightly.

The most popular dishes with guests are lobster and mahi mahi, and Chef Tony’s favorite way to prepare the mahi mahi is broiled with lemongrass and ginger in a broth. He appreciates that every ingredient used in this versatile course is locally or regionally grown. Chef Tony brings out the vibrant flavors in this light, natural dish, and we recommend trying it on your next stay!

Chef Tony’s Advice

Chef Tony wants to motivate young aspiring chefs. He emphasizes you don’t need formal training or a culinary degree to be a good chef or enter the culinary industry. If you have the passion and determination, there are many tools that can be used for self-education, including online recipes, guides and cooking demonstrations.

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