As you may know, year-round we invite guests to share their favorite photos and vacation memories in our photo contest.

A recent entry was from guest Nancy Hall, who shared this touching story and photo:

“Patterson is one of Nisbet Plantation’s treasures. Each night at dinner, he would escort my partially-sighted friend Jo-anne, into dinner with never a mis-step. His respect and compassion was appreciated.”

It is the genuine care, such as this, that is delivered every day by every one of our team members that makes us extremely proud of the ladies and gentlemen of Nisbet Plantation. We believe that they are truly the best in the Caribbean.

We were so moved by Nancy’s story that we reached out to her for more details, and we wanted to share it with you.

“My friend Jo-anne and I have been close friends for 54 years. Even though we have lived on opposite sides of Canada we have always kept in touch. Jo has had many challenging health issues with her eyes. The last year has been especially tough. She had to give up her home in cottage-country Ontario when her sight deteriorated to almost nil. While we are all hopeful, of course, that her vision will improve enough to have a corneal transplant, the future is uncertain.

We decided that this was the time to do a memory-making holiday together. Being at Nisbet Plantation was like being wrapped up in luxurious comfort. The physical beauty, the chef’s creations and the amenities were only surpassed by caring and courteous staff members, like Patterson. Patterson escorted her every night through the great house to our table on the verandah. We hope to return.”

Thank you Nancy for allowing us to be a part of this very special holiday. We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you and Jo-anne back to Nisbet Plantation.