Adventure seekers traveling to Nevis now can participate in the high-tech treasure hunt game known as Geo Caching.

Geo Caching involves the hiding and then locating of geographical “treasure chests” using GPS coordinates. The chests contain a log book to register in and an ink pad and stamp. Collect a stamp from each cache and you can receive discounts for various attractions across the island.

Adventure Tours has set up five Geo Caches at historically significant places around the island. You can locate them, and then learn about the Pirates that came through this part of the Caribbean.

Here is a picture of the five Geo Caches so you will recognize them when you find them. They are all carefully handmade, so when you find them please do not take them. Leave them for others to enjoy!

To get your list of clues to help you find the Geo Caches and your rewards certificate to collect your stamps, email

Happy searching! Share your Geo Cache experiences here!