Alexander Hamilton Museum, Nevis, Flickr Catherine Sumner
Courtesy of Flickr/Catherine Sumner

Ever wonder how Nevis earned the nickname, “Queen of the Caribbean.” Step back into our island’s history or experience authentic local culture with Sunrise Tours.

Sunrise Tours founder Lynnell (Lynn) E. Liburd was born and raised on Nevis. He learned about the island’s rich history and diverse landscape from Sunday afternoon walks with his great grandfather, Samuel Liburd, who was the last Mountain Ranger on Nevis. It was these walks that inspired a love of Nevis, its history and ecological importance.

Lynn passed his lifetime of information along to his son Kervin, and together they share their knowledge and love of the island with visitors at Sunrise Tours.

Two of the historical and cultural tours offered by Sunrise Tours are the “Historical Charlestown Walk” and the “Nevis Village Walk.” Visitors learn about Nevis’ rich history, visit historical sites such as the Hot Springs, Amerindian site, the Hamilton estate, the Horatio Nelson museum and more. Visitors also learn about what it was like to live on Nevis many years ago.

For those more interested in exploring the unspoiled nature of Nevis, Sunrise Tours also offers guided hikes into rainforests and trails.