Summer is mango season on St. Kitts and Nevis. In fact, several varieties of this tropical fruit are native to the island. And they are all ready to be picked from the trees and enjoyed!

Did you know that there are two mango trees on our 30-acre property? In addition to our own harvest, Chef Tony sources mangoes from local growers and is highlighting the fruit in several dishes on our restaurant menus.

Start your day with sliced mango, freshly squeezed mango juice or a plate of Mango Pancakes at Coconuts – a guest favorite! You may also savor mango at lunch and dinner, as it’s an ingredient in our salad dressing, chutney and salsa.

Or satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge after dinner with a bowl of locally churned mango ice cream, mango mousse or Pastry Chef Danilo’s mango cheesecake with sauce.

We hope you enjoy our local mangoes as much as we do!