Jim Johnson

It is with great sadness that I write to you today as we have learned that resident biologist and dear friend Jim Johnson of Walk Nevis has passed away unexpectedly.

Jim was very well respected by everyone who knew him.  In addition to leading rainforest walks, Mount Nevis hikes and nature excursions, Jim also conducted numerous scientific research activities on the island.

For the many of you who had the opportunity to meet Jim, you know what a joy he was to be around and what a unique personality he had.  He shared his love for the island of Nevis with every guest he encountered, and truly cared about making our guests’ vacations memorable.

I am sure you will join me and our Nisbet Plantation family in expressing our deepest condolences to his family.  If you would like to share a special story please comment on this blog post or write a note on Facebook.

Jamie Holmes
General Manager


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  1. We are so sad to learn of this unexpected news. My wife and I just had the unique pleasure of meeting Jim and climbing to the top of Mt Nevis last month, and with 5 hours together we felt like we had come to know his family and stories. He was a kind and interesting man, who spoke on and on about how proud he was of his children, particularly his very young son at Georgia Tech.

    We will all miss Jim. I know we will on our next visit

  2. I am extremely sorry to hear such sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. We spent our first day in Nevis with him going on a hike as he teased me for hiking right before our wedding…he also offered my future husband some advice on how to use a plant to numb my throat and keep me quiet for a few hours, which my now husband wishes he had taken some of. Jim's stories were wonderful and the pride he had for his children was admirable. It is definitely a huge loss.

  3. Truly sad news I send my condolences.

    Jim Johnson lead my wife and I on an amazing hike on our Honeymoon in October and his true joy for nature, Nevis, his family, and the mysteries of life were wonderful to experience.

    His passing is a tragic loss and I want to send my regards to his family and to all those he touched.

  4. Our good friend Jim will be missed by many. We were deeply saddened when we recieved the news this morning. Our visits to Nevis were so enriched by Jim and will never be the same. God rest his soul.

  5. You should measure a man by the mark he leaves and where he leaves it. Jim taught our daughter many wonderful things on his nature walk and stargazing adventures that have stuck with her. (She is quite proud of being able to identify the North Star from no matter where she is!) He was a big part of why Nevis is such an important place to her. We bid his family our sincerest condolences.

    The Dohertys
    Margate, NJ, USA

  6. In the first week of june 2009, our second week at Nisbet, I participated in a hike through the forest up the hill on Nevis, our guide was Jim Johnson. I have seldom met a man as knowledgeable and enthousiastic as Jim. About halfway up he confided that he usualy did not talk so much, but this time he overflowed, we were curious people.
    We appreciated this man who, after doing this hike about 1300 times, was feeding us his love for the island and its beauty.It is a pity he is gone. I remember him with gratitude and admiration.
    Maarten Bunt
    Colonel Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (ret)

  7. We are so saddened to hear of this loss. Jim lived on the Island of Nevis, but lived in the whole world. He had his hand in so many ventures and his intellect participating and tracking occurrences everywhere. He was so proud of his kids who have achieved incredible successes. He and I talked many an evening about his son and daughter. So many of our enjoyable recollections of our trip included hikes and stargazing with Jim, running into him throughout the island, and his special attention to Brandon and Dara with “natural” gifts and engaging banter. His creativity in highlighting Nevis, like Pirates Week, or rainforest explorations with worldwide scientists, showed how this little Island was so huge. I am especially grateful to have met and laughed with Jim, and wish his family strength during these times, and solace in knowing that, at least for me, I have met few people in this world who were so happy with who they were, who they were with, and what they were doing. Eddy and Theresa Balterhole world

  8. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of Nevis. You have lost a great friend of your island and mountain. It must be such a sad time at Nisbet.

    We had the privilege of walking with Jim on Mount Nevis and also star watching at Nisbet several times. His passion was contagious.

    His knowledge of the rain forest and plants was amazing – however, we did "wonder" about the "ghost stories" that he told at the campfires on the beach!! Although, Jim was most facinating when teaching history of Nevis.

    Jim was someone that made us feel that we were his friends from the start.

    That is also true about many on Nevis – all that we have met on Nevis have been wonderful.

    We are sad. Goodbye Jim.

  9. We hiked with Jim last May, 2009. He was a wonderful guide and very interesting person. He was very generous with his time and thoughts. we are tuely saddened to learn of his passing. Michael and Colleen, Houston, Texas

  10. We are so sorry to hear the news of Jim's passing. We took our first hike with him on Sunday and greatly enjoyed his knowledge and passion for the island and rain forest. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

    Steve and Karen Green

  11. Jamie,
    What a sad time for all of you on
    Nevis who knew Jim Johnson, which
    I'm sure is just about everyone.
    We had a great day with Jim when
    we were at Nesbit last June. He was
    truly an unforgetable person in
    so many positive ways. You all need
    to name the Pirate Fest after him,
    since he was so involved.
    Hope that you and your staff
    and family are well.
    Our best to all of you,
    Tom & Chris Tollette

  12. I was very saddened to hear of Jim's passing. How tragic for such a wonderful individual. I met with him on three occasions while on Nevis, with my friend Karl Chandler. Jim really was the unoffcial ambassador for Nevis. His knowledge of the island was just astouding! Having met and talked to Jim, I truley enjoyed my experience more on Nevis. His son and daughter will always have fond memories of a wonderful, gentle soul, and know that he loved them very much. I will miss him every time I go to Nevis now, but I know that his spirits will keep a protective watch over the island he loved so much. Paul S. Kim M.D.

  13. Glen and I were very surprised and saddened by the news.
    It is truly a great loss on so many levels. Jim had an exceptional love and passion for nature, the island of Nevis and the preservation thereof. He willingly and enthusiastically shared his knowledge with any and all who would listen.
    He will be missed.
    May we all, as we walk the paths and shores of Nevis and the world do as Jim would have done, observe the beauty and pick up the litter!

  14. I am Jim's baby sister. We lost Jim way too soon. The tragic way he died makes us hurt even more. He will be missed beyond anyone's comprehension. I loved him very much. We appreciate the prayers and support we have been shown through emails and phone calls. I have learned Jim did not just have one family. He had family on all sides of the water. He was loved by many.
    Thank you for the memories you have shared with me.
    Sincerely, Cath Beauchene

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