Ladies Leading The Way

Warm sunshine greetings from Nisbet Plantation! With the recent addition of Mary Jo Ryan as General Manager of Nisbet Plantation, the management team at the Caribbean’s only plantation inn on the beach is now all ladies! 
Mary Jo Ryan joins Pam Martin as Resort Manager and Minerva Gaskin as Restaurants Manager. Learn more about each of these leading ladies below.
Mary Jo Ryan

Mary Jo Ryan

General Manager

A seasoned hospitality veteran with 40 years of leadership experience, Mary Jo is devoted to ensuring every guest has an authentic Nisbet Plantation vacation. Her Caribbean know-how and positive approach for garnering exceptional results is welcomed by guests and staff, alike.   



30% off standard rates
30% off all food and drinks at the resort


Free Car Rental
Free Spa Treatment
Free Airport Transit
Free Breakfasts At The Beach
Free Sunset Cocktails