The Green Throated Carib Hummingbird, photographed here while feeding on the native aloe behind the Coconuts Restaurant at Nisbet Plantation, is one of the 126 species of birds found on Nevis. The wide variety of birds make our island a premier birding spot.

For those intersted in learning more about the Birds of Nevis, join the Nevis Historical & Conservation Society for two special events.

Tonight, March 20, Mark Ludlow will speak about the “The Birds of Nevis” at 7pm in the Trott House. Mark is a PhD student at the University of Wales and works with the Smithsonian Institute.

Tomorrow morning, there will be a special bird watching hike led by the society. The group will meet at 7 a.m. at the Nevis Historical & Conservation Society. Those that plan on attending should bring a pair of  binoculars, a hat and water. Guests can arrange transportation to these events with the Front Desk.

If you’re not able to attend, you can learn more about the Birds of Nevis on your next visit by picking up a copy of Mark Ludlow’s Birds of Nevis list in the hotel gift shop.