During the summer of last year, a Nevis puppy ventured onto property and made herself at home underneath the shade of the palm trees. Just as we welcome our guests, we welcomed the four-legged friend to the Nisbet family and named her Lucy.


Lucy was quickly adopted by the team at Nisbet Plantation and has since become quite popular among visitors. She’s even adorned by a monogrammed collar gifted to her by one of our guests.


When not lazing around and soaking in the sunshine, Lucy can be found accompanying guests on walks.

11030913_764701000308823_484887765566610867_nLucy and guest Kathy C.

And while guests enjoy their rest and relaxation, Lucy is happy to exert her energy along the spacious Avenue of the Palms.


It’s been a wonderful year with Lucy on our team, and we look forward to introducing you to her on your next visit!