Pinney’s Beach is one of the popular spots on Nevis. It is home to the famous Sunshine’s Beach Bar and its “Killer Bee” cocktail (#41 on our 101 Things to Do on Nevis and St. Kitts list).

Before there were tourists and Sunshine’s, Pinney’s Beach was home to the Pinney family from the UK.
We were honored to recently welcome descendents Charles and Elizabeth Pinney from Rudanwick, UK, to Nevis. Charles and Elizabeth stayed with us during their holiday and also visited their ancestral home.
Five generations of Pinney’s lived at the family home of Mountravers on Nevis during its history. The first to arrive was Azariah Pinney in the late 1600s who purchased the start of Pinney’s Estate in 1705.
At its height, Pinney’s Estate totaled 729¾ acres. It stretched from the border with Four Seasons (Clarke’s Estate) on the north along the beach past Pinney’s Beach Hotel to the old Charlestown cemetery to Craddock Road on the south of the top of the mountain.
The Pinney’s remained on Nevis until 1866 when the last of their parcels of land were sold. In 1996, Bill Pinney returned and repurchased Mountravers Estate.