Over the years, we have learned that Nisbet Plantation has some very special, generous guests.

Recently one guest, Nancy McCaw took this generosity to a new level.

Nancy McCaw and Roger Pike
on holiday at Nisbet Plantation

Nancy and her partner Roger Pike from Strathaven in Scotland were on holiday at Nisbet Plantation when Nancy took a photo of a pelican flying along the beach. Nancy entered the photo for Nisbet’s photo contest and won a $100 drinks voucher.

Nancy was delighted with the win, but realized that she would not be revisiting Nisbet Plantation until 2014 and would not be able to use the voucher. So she and Roger came up with a great idea.

Nancy says, “It was a spur of the moment idea to ask the good folks at Nisbet to pass the voucher on to someone else and we thought it would be nice for it to be given to a honeymooning couple from the UK to add to their celebration.”

Honeymooners Clare and Anil Ekanayake

We, of course, obliged and passed the voucher on to Anil and Clare Ekanayake from Kennington in London. The couple had chosen Nisbet Plantation for their honeymoon after seeing the photos of a friend’s wedding at the resort and hearing descriptions of the beach, the service and the food. Receiving Nancy and Roger’s generous gift helped to make their honeymoon even more special.

Clare told us, “We were seriously excited to get the voucher and felt very lucky. It was a lovely generous thing that they did and it was not something they needed to do! It was a once in a life holiday for us and it seriously helped us to celebrate with bubbles and cocktails!!”

Clare and Anil wrote to thank Nancy and Roger and sent them a photo of them enjoying their generosity.