The itch (to return) does not go away,” writes Josephine Matyas on visiting Nevis. The truth in her statement is reflected in her travel, as she returns to our island home “as often as (she) can” since discovering it 10 years ago.

Her latest visit served to share with her adult son the beauty and culture of Nevis, “a landscape that is the envy of the Caribbean – picture perfect beaches lined with coconut palms and a lush and green rainforest-draped mountain- but at the heart of the island are its people.

During their visit, they reveled in the “authentic island feel: people sharing their lives and heritage.” They even learned about the history of our plantation inn as home to Fanny Nisbet, wife of British Navy Captain Horatio Nelson.

The rich island history opened lines of communication between the mother and son on their own family history amidst the steel pan band and seafood platters at our Thursday beach barbeque.

Read more about Josephine and her son’s journey to Nevis in the current issue of Doctor’s Review magazine or read the article, “Living in the Past,” online here.