More than 22 years ago, Ophthalmologist Dr. Bresnick vacationed in Nevis and quickly became aware of the island’s lack of eye care. Nevis has a population of 12,000, and many are afflicted by particularly severe eye issues including glaucoma, cataracts and retinal complications.

Dr. Bresnick took these issues into his own hands and created the Nevis Eye Care Clinic. By providing locals with access to facilities and medications, he hoped to improve their eye and vision health with education, training and treatment.

Examining Room

His vision began with casual patient visits and eventually developed into an organized clinic. Upon Dr. Bresnick’s retirement in 2006, Dr. Raymond Hubbe took over the clinic. The amount of patients continues to grow, and the clinic also welcomes visitors from St. Kitts.

This care has significantly expanded with the Nevis Eye Care Program, a biannual three-week clinic. North American doctors volunteer their time to staff the clinics and work alongside Nevisian nurses and a patient coordinator. Approximately 500 patients attend the program, which focuses on identifying and treating conditions that lead to preventable blindness.

Doctors and Clinic Staff

One team travels yearly from Wisconsin to do cataract surgery and other eye operations.  Through donations, the clinic has also acquired state-of-the art lasers to treat glaucoma and retinal disease. Many doctors return year-after-year to volunteer at the clinic, and Dr. Bruce Bleiman has been helping Nevis for more than seven years!

Eye Treatments

At Nisbet Plantation, we are delighted to support this cause. Along with Oaulie Beach, our resort provides lodging and accommodations for the program volunteers.

On behalf of the entire Nevis community, we appreciate the wonderful doctors and volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to our island.