Word is getting out about our unspoiled, small island home. In the past few weeks, the Travel Sections in daily newspapers in the US and Canada have been abuzz about our friendly residents and tranquil setting.

On Nevis, old plantations now house luxury lodging,” writer Janis Turk refers to Nevis as “a classic colonial Caribbean experience” that is “breezy and beachy, tropical and tranquil.” She shares details on six places for visitors to rest their head, including our historical plantation inn on the beach.

Writer Necee Regis documents her visit to our beautiful island home. In her article, “Taking it slow and simple on the Caribbean island of Nevis,” she describes settling in to Nevis life “as easy as kicking off (her) shoes.” From roaming sheep and vervet monkeys, to a visit to Lime for a cold Carib beer, Regis highlights many of the unique qualities of Nevis that we and our guests treasure dearly.

In “Untouched by time’s march,” writer Stephanie Whittaker shares that it is what Nevis lacks, such as “cruise ships disgorging hordes of tourists, traffic jams and crowded beaches,” “that makes this tiny Caribbean country a refreshing refuge.” She describes the island experience as “no pressure to do anything other than relax and enjoy.” We agree – why it’s #101 on our list of Things to Do.