There are no traffic lights, retail chains or casinos, and monkeys still freely roam.
Travel Channel

According to the world’s leading travel media brand, Nevis is an under the radar, Caribbean island destination you may not know, but should. If you’ve yet to visit our unspoiled and unhurried island home, allow us to introduce you to Nevis.

There is just one main road.

The twenty-mile stretch circles the 36 square-mile island.


Nevis Peak, a dormant volcano, stands at the center.

At 3,232 ft, the hike to the top is #1 on our list of 101 Things to Do.


There are no buildings taller than a coconut palm.

“It’s the accommodations, all very unique, that give Nevis character.” – Travel Channel


Green vervet monkeys outnumber humans on the island.

And they’re often seen “monkeying around” our plantation inn.


Traffic jams are only caused by roaming animals.

Can’t tell the difference between the goats and sheep? Remember this local tip: Goats tails up. Sheep tails down.