Sunshine's Beach Bar & Grille Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grille on Nevis is certainly something to “buzz” about!

Sunshine began his business more than 20 years ago as a small BBQ grill to serve hungry beach-goers. It has since transformed into a legendary establishment, visited by travelers and celebrities from around the world.

Nevis’ colors of red, green and yellow extend throughout the restaurant, and the walls are covered in an assortment of photographs and flags.

Killer Bee Rum Punch

Sunshines Rum Punch to Go

Sunshine’s famous Killer Bee drink has been “stinging” daring travelers for years, and Sunshine vows to never reveal his secret ingredients!

For those hoping to bring home a taste of the Caribbean, you can now purchase to-go bottles of this colorful cocktail.

Visit Sunshine’s

Sunshine’s opens daily at 11 a.m. and is located on Pinney’s Beach. The beachfront location offers an enjoyable atmosphere for lunch and freshly grilled seafood.

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