Calling all Nisbets to the Beach!

Avenue of Palms to beachThis autumn, anyone with the “Nisbet*” surname is invited to the first annual Nisbet Family Beach Reunion at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. 

Once a sugar plantation turned coconut plantation, our intimate hotel is the ancestral home of Fanny Nisbet, the faithful wife of Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, one of Britain’s most heroic figures. Our storied past inspired us to invite fellow Nisbets from around the world to gather at our plantation inn on the beach.


Reunite with family members, and meet and mingle with members of the extended Nisbet family from around the world and right here in Nevis. Plus, you will have a chance to win prizes from


Connect with your Nisbet Family

Visit with us anytime between October 11 to November 15, 2014, and you will have opportunities to:

  • Mingle with Nisbets at a private cocktail reception
  • Learn the history of Nisbets in Nevis from guest speakers
  • Create a Nisbet cocktail with our bartenders
  • Play in family round-robin tennis and croquet tournaments
  • Share family traditions around a beach bonfire
  • Release a family time capsule to sea
  • Add a pin to our Nisbet world map
  • Win an World Explorer Plus Membership and Family Tree Maker software
  • Return home with a keepsake item, Nisbet family photo and wonderful memories

Ready to rekindle fond family memories and make new ones? If you are a Nisbet, call us direct at (869) 469-9325 or e-mail for special rates and reservations.

We look forward to welcoming you!

*Spelling variations include: Nisbet, Nisbett, Nesbitt, Nesbett, Nesbit, Nisbit, Nisbitt and Nessbitt.