Nevis Calypso King,
Nisbet Plantation’s Andrew “Hollywood” Nisbett
After 14 years of competing, and 12 years of being a finalist, our Head Groundsman Andrew “Hollywood” Nisbett has been crowned king in the annual Nevis Culturama Calypso Contest!

This isn’t the first time though that Andrew held the title. He was the Junior Champion Calypso King when he was 15.
For his winning performance, Andrew sang two original songs that he also wrote. “Hungry” is a message to the Nevisian youth to focus on education and family, instead of material things. “Free Tickets” addressed the recent close election on the island.

After being crowned the Nevis Calypso King, Andrew competed in the regional Leeward Islands competition on Anguilla. He represented Nisbet Plantation and Nevis well during his performance of “Hungry” and “Calypso Jersey,” which honors past calypso kings for their contribution. 

Andrew plans to use his influence as Calypso King to mentor local youth and school children.

Congratulations Andrew! We are so proud of you and know you will represent us well during your tenure as 2011 Calypso King.

You can listen to his original calypso songs by clicking on the links below:
    • Hungry
    • Free Tickets