Dr. Jim and Debbie HowardLast week the ladies and gentlemen of Nisbet Plantation were delighted to welcome back longtime guests, Jim and Debbie Howard. Jim and Debbie have visited our resort more than 60 times in the last 25 years and consider our intimate plantation their home-away-from-home.

This charming couple first stayed with us in 1991 to celebrate their 5th anniversary. Although they now live in Michigan, Jim practiced dentistry in St. Kitts for a number of years. The couple continues to celebrate their anniversary, among other special occasions, at Nisbet Plantation.

While the Howards often travel as a couple, they’ve also invited other family members to join them at Nisbet. On one of their most cherished vacations, they took their three grandsons diving with Nevis’ Scuba Safaris.

The reason they return year-after-year is largely due to the staff. Jim and Debbie share that they appreciate our personal service and caring team. Throughout their many visits, the staff has treated them as family and the strong relationships continue to grow.

“All of them are wonderful…Angela, Dan, Patty, Violet, Roslyn, Dorrette, just to name a few.”

Nisbet Plantation Guests

Jim notes he most values the permanent friendship he has formed on Nevis. On their most recent visit, they helped bartender Dan Perkins celebrate his 51st birthday and were excited to spend time with two of his children.

The Howards are quite experienced when it comes to “living in the moment,” and it’s always a pleasure to welcome them back to our island home!