Nevis is home to hundreds of old estate roads, cart paths, and an upper round road, many of which are unaccessible except by horse, donkey or foot.

“Traveling the Nevis back-roads can be an adventurous and fun expedition as you travel through jungle, rain forest or scrub brush, a variant to seeing the island,” so says Nevis frequenter Greg Slagon, owner of Funky Monkey Tours and Down Island Sales and Rentals. “To see another facet of Nevis is one of the reason I started the off-road 4 x 4 tours, plus it gives me the excuse to bring in some really fun toys.”
The tours take place in recreational vehicles, open air Polaris’ featuring enhanced- tread tires and four-wheel drive to handle the regular roads and off road terrain for a thrilling ride.

Try this exciting way to tour the island of Nevis when you visit Nisbet Plantation. Our front desk will help you make all the arrangements!