On your next visit, you may notice several young palm trees along the famous Avenue of Palms. These are part of a re-planting effort to protect our majestic coconut palm trees from the lethal yellowing disease that has impacted Nevis.

Our beloved palm trees became threatened a few years ago when the disease spread from Jamaica south in the Caribbean to Nevis. Unfortunately, the tall palm trees are more susceptible to the disease. Our grounds staff has quickly and diligently worked with experts at the Agriculture Department in the Nevis Island Government to protect the trees.

While there is no cure at this time, there is a treatment that slows down the disease to maintain the palm trees as much as possible. The treatment involves periodic injection of antibiotics into each infected tree.

Mr. Eric Evelyn, Communications Supervisor and Quarantine Officer with the Agriculture Department in the Nevis Island Government, recently visited Nisbet Plantation, commenting that our crew is being proactive and our trees are in better condition than others on island. He noted that there are many healthy trees and the treatment is assisting in prolonging the life of the trees.

The new re-planting program brings in new trees so that there is continuous growth of palm trees on our famous Avenue of Palms. It is our goal that these trees will grow and eventually take the place of the current palms when they are no longer healthy and alive.

These young palm trees are Nevis natives as well, and have simply been relocated from other areas of the island where the disease is not present.

While our Avenue of Palms may look a little different, we want to assure you that it’s in the best interest of the environment. We’re committed to doing everything we can to protect and save the palm trees, and will continue to work with the experts to monitor our progress.