It’s an exciting time here at Nisbet, as we continue to resurrect our property’s herb garden.  From taking in the herbs’ sweet aroma, delicious flavors, and prosperous growth, the garden is a true delight for all the senses and a wonderful new addition to our resort.

Herb Garden at Nisbet Plantation

Our dedicated grounds team is working hard to make this a successful, productive garden. However, many other team members are involved. In the picture below with Malvern up front, you can also see our head housekeeper, Velma, as she tends to the basil with love and care!

Herb Garden - Malvern and Velma

Now, our talented chefs and bartenders can incorporate fresh herbs and ingredients into many culinary offerings. For example, fresh mint is used in specialty teas and also in mojitos, as shown below with Kaddy.

Kaddy's mojitos made with fresh mint

Now, we are looking for a creative name for our herb garden. Please offer your ideas in a comment below! Follow us on social media for the the announcement of our new name and the latest updates on our garden.