From the moment you walk through the doors of the Great House it is clear a memorable evening lies ahead.
Patterson Fleming

Waiting to greet you is Patterson Fleming, the “gracious host” with a “big smile” (part of the island hospitality the Toronto Star discovered in this article) – and a man with a tie for every occasion. Named “best maitre’d” for 2013 in the Toronto Star, Patterson makes it his business to greet every guest, know their name and remember them in years to come.

Patterson’s welcome sets the stage for a delightful dining experience at what the Caribbean Journal named one of “The Caribbean’s Best Hotels for Food.” The Great House, according to the editors, “steals the show as one of the region’s memorable dining experiences.”

The cuisine on the nightly changing dinner menu, created by Executive Chef Tony, features Nevisian dishes prepared with international flair such as the Island Conch and Dumpling Soup and the popular Nisbet Seafood Cioppino. But you’ll surely want to save room afterward for one of Pastry Chef Danilo’s award winning desserts.

Great House Dining

Dining at the Great House is an experience to savor and one you’ll remember long after you return home. Fortunately, in between your vacations at Nisbet Plantation, you can bring the flavors into your home.


Photo courtesy of Uncommon Caribbean

Take a tip from Uncommon Caribbean and re-create Chef Tony’s delicious Island Conch and Dumpling soup. The “flavor-rich, fun, and easy to make” dish will have you reminiscent of a wonderful evening of fine dining at Nisbet Plantation.