Our historical beginnings are a part of what makes Nisbet Plantation unique. History is also rich throughout our beautiful island and the Caribbean.

Many of our guests enjoy learning about the history of Nevis so much so that joining the Nevis Historical & Conservation Society (NHCS) is #34 on our list of 101 Things to Do at Nisbet Pantation & Nevis.
A Caribbean history discussion wouldn’t be complete without the discussion of shipwrecks. Nevis has a shipwreck, the HMS Solebay. To learn more about shipwrecks, we invite you to join the NHCS on Friday, June 24, at 6pm at the Trott House on Nevis for a special guest.
Ms. Lillian Azevedo, PhD candidate at University of Southampton, will be speaking on the topic “Shipwreck Archeology and Heritage Trails on Anguilla: Promoting Heritage Tourism through Public Stewardship and Collaboration.” This event is part of the NHCS Field Study Programmes.
Azevedo is documenting and investigating methods by which heritage can be sustainably used to benefit Anguilla. She advises the Anguillan government on mitigation strategies to protect shipwreck sites from the environment and looters while promoting public ownership and historic tourism benefits. We hope Azevedo’s ideas may pique interest in the HMS Solebay.