Bartender Extraordinaire

Once you meet Kaddy Simmonds, you have a connection for life.

Kaddy has been a bartender for 18 years at Nisbet. While he has a knack for concocting delicious cocktails, he’s most known for remembering guests’ names, faces and favorite drinks for years to come. He enjoys surprising guests by greeting them by name wherever he sees them on the island!

Kaddy at Nisbet Plantation

Kaddy’s drive and dedication is unmatched. On a typical day, he will wake up at 4 a.m. to go for a run. Afterwards, he works at Nisbet Plantation, as well as another Nevis resort. Then, he does it all again the next day. His determination can be described as nothing short of amazing.

With his infectious laugh, incredible memory and strong work ethic, Kaddy is an excellent team member and was recognized as the Employee of the Month in February 2018.

Beyond the Avenue

Kaddy is a devoted father to three beautiful children. He also loves to cook, clean and travel, and one of his favorite travel destinations is New York City!

In addition, he has a passion for sports, especially cricket and soccer. Kaddy enjoys discussing athletics with guests from around the world!

Did you meet Kaddy during your stay? If so, share a special memory in a comment below!