The buzz on Nevis is all about the bees – and their honey. June is harvest time for Nevis honey, which you now find more of at Nisbet Plantation.

Nevis honey is in high demand among locals who use it as a natural sweetener in teas and cooking, and as a natural remedy for health and cosmetic issues.

Alfred Tyson, Nevis Beekeeper, with honey combs at his farm.

It is believed that bees first came to the island from South America or Europe during the historic plantation era. Beekeeping and honey harvesting have been in practice on the island for centuries. The tradition was first introduced by the British and now carried on by local beekepers like Alfred.

Alfred “Baba” Tyson, brother of our Executive Director of Guest Services Steve Tyson, has been a Nevis Beekeeper for five years now. Currently, he oversees more than 25 hives around the island.

What makes Nevis honey so special?
Nevis honey is a 100% pure, raw honey and never heated during production. It also is unique because of the wild and tropical flowers found on the island, such as Mango trees, wild Tamarind, Guinea trees and Coralita blossoms, which produce distinctive nectar and pollen.

Each flower-flavored honey is unique as well. The wild Tamarind honey, for example, is darker than the clearer honey produced from the Guinea tree blossoms. The honey is harvested one to two times per year, depending upon rainfall.

In addition to producing honey, Alfred is our resident “bee whisperer” and will relocate hives discovered at the resort to more ideal locations.

Bring Nevis honey home 
Sample Nevis honey at our daily afternoon tea, savor its sweetness in some of our desserts and menu items, and now benefit from its healing qualities with the new Tropical Citrus Island Tonic treatment available at our top-rated Caribbean spa.

Guests who would like to learn more about Nevis bees and honey can speak to the Front Desk to arrange a visit to Alfred’s farm, located near the resort.

You will also soon be able to enjoy sweet Nevis honey harvested from Alfred’s farm at home. Nevis honey as well as handmade beeswax candles will soon be available in the gift shop.