Ting & Sting at Nisbet Plantation

At Nisbet Plantation, we welcome guests with the refreshing combination of a Ting ‘n Sting. Ting is the fizzy grapefruit-flavored soft drink that is popular throughout the Caribbean, and the “Sting” is CSR – a popular Caribbean rum.

With its fascinating history, uncommon distillation process and unique taste, CSR is popular among Nisbet guests and Caribbean travelers. 

The Early Days of CSR

In the 1980s, Baron Edmund de Rothschild established a distillery in St. Kitts, Nevis’ sister island. This entrepreneur was determined to create a unique cane spirit, unlike any other.

To achieve this, he did not use molasses and instead, distilled rum from cane juice. Then, he developed a filtration system to remove 99% of fusel alcohols stemming from the fermentation stage. The result: CSR (Cane Spirit Rothschild).

CSR was known for its purity, making it a superior mixing rum, without the side effect of hangovers.

CSR Today

The sugar industry progressively declined in St. Kitts throughout the 1990s, changing the outlook for CSR. In 1996, Demerara Distillers of Guyana purchased the brand and distillery. Although CSR Rum is still blended and bottled in St. Kitts, the rum is now more Guyanese than Kittitian.

This quintessential island spirit has made a name for itself in the Caribbean and is still quite popular among many travelers.