“Nevis? Hmm I have no idea where that is.”

While you may have heard of the Caribbean island of Nevis, like many, you might not know where it is. Here is some information about Nevis that might help you plan your next visit:

  • Nevis is part of the dual-island nation, St. Kitts and Nevis, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
  • St. Kitts (SKB) offers many flights from North America and the UK. Nevis is 2 miles southeast of St. Kitts and you will arrive by ferry or private boat from St. Kitts.
  • The two islands are separated by a shallow 2 mile channel called “The Narrows”.
  • We are the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere, in both area and population.
  • The British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are to the northwest; Montserrat is to the south.
  • English is the predominant language and we are willing to help you make any arrangements for your visit.
  • We are a cone shaped island with the volcano, Nevis Peak, at the center.
  • Our unspoiled island is 36 square miles with no buildings higher than two stories.

Can you find us?

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