The History of Nisbet Plantation

Nevis personifies the fantasy palm-fringed tropical isle, yet is still unspoiled by overdevelopment. On his voyage in 1493, Columbus imagined the clouds above Nevis Peak to be snow. Thus naming the island “Nustra Senora de las Nieves” (Our Lady of the Snows). Over the years, it was shortened to Nevis.

In the late 1700s, British Navy Captain Horatio Nelson visited our plantation resort (then a plantation) and met Frances “Fanny” Nisbet. Fanny was the niece of the President of Nevis and widow of Dr. Nisbet, owner of Nisbet Plantation. Nelson and Fanny quickly fell in love and were married on March 11, 1787 at Fig Tree Church on Nevis.

A key stone found in the ruined windmill bears the family initials and the date 1778. At that time, Nisbet Plantation covered numerous acres – from the existing resort to Newcastle village. It was first a sugar plantation and later a coconut plantation.

More than a century and a half later, another strong and resourceful woman was at the helm – Mary Pomeroy. After WWII while studying in England, Mary was seriously injured in a car accident. Upon leaving the hospital in 1950, Mary looked for a retreat. With her compensation (the highest awarded in England at the time), she purchased Nisbet Plantation.

She arrived in Nevis with Mr. Pomeroy, a Commander in the Royal Navy. The two went as husband and wife, although they were never married. They tried and were unsuccessful at running Nisbet as a coconut plantation, livestock or copra farm. So Mary decided to lure the new jet-set to the island and open a plantation resort. Nisbet Plantation and Golden Rock became the first Nevis hotels.

In the Great House, Mary turned two rooms downstairs and a few upstairs into guest rooms. As she attracted more visitors and made money, she expanded Nisbet. First creating “Gingerbread Cottage” and toward the late 1950’s, building other cottages toward the beach.

Between 1967 and 1989, ownership changed several times. In 1989, David Dodwell, the current owner, purchased Nisbet Plantation. Mr. Dodwell also owns The Reefs on Bermuda, widely recognized as the destination’s best hotel. Under his leadership, Nisbet Plantation has garnered international praise as one of the best Caribbean resorts.


30th Anniversary Celebrations

In 2019, we celebrate our 30th anniversary at Nisbet Plantation. Throughout the year we are running competitions, special offers and celebrations to say thank you to all of our our customers and tempt you all to come and celebrate with us.

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